Picture of 8th Graders

On January 12, 8th-grade students visited the Cleveland Natural History Museum.

The students experienced science and culture outside of the confines of the school building.
Our Riders:

  • Experienced the flight of a dinosaur and butterfly on a flight simulator. 
  • Watched 3D presentations of Dinosaurs and Rescue Dogs.
  • Listened to a presentation of the native Ohio animals and their environmental adaptations
  • Saw artwork by Andy Warhol depicting endangered and threatened species of the 1970s.
  • Saw one of the first "giant" volumes of "The Birds of America" published by John Audubon.
  • Witnessed the finishing touches of assembling a dinosaur exhibit in the main gallery.
  • Walked and observed native Ohio wildlife in the Perkins Wildlife Center and Woods Garden.

Thanks to grants from the Friends of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History there was no cost for this excellent learning experience.