weather station
Friday, October 21
Sebastian Mejia was on campus to give a 7th grade class an update on the weather station. The tower and subsequent components are to be installed during the 2nd week of November. These installations will be dependent on weather conditions and availability of the personnel for the National Weather Service Cleveland office.
Mr. Mejia also met with two of our seniors to brief them and introduce them to their role of maintaining and monitoring the station. Kelsey Lasch and Sean Murdock will be working with Mr. Mejia along with school staff; Mr. Starkey and Mr. Rowlinson. Their responsibilities will entail using a laptop purchased as part of the Ohio EPA grant for the weather station. They will use the laptop to  retrieve and upload stored data from the station and ensure that the weather station is functioning properly.
Mr. Mejia presented to our district a set of handheld weather instruments. These instruments will be used by our 7th graders to add to their current spreadsheets of weekly recording of weather conditions. With these handheld instruments, Mr. Rowlinson's 7th grade science classes will also be monitoring the station as part of a year-long project of data collection and comparing their readings to that of the weather station.