Our District:

Western Reserve Local Schools is a district serving the township communities surrounding Collins, Ohio. In our small district, our hearts are big, and our school pride runs deep. Our size plays to our advantage because we're able to get to know our students individually - a luxury that larger districts often forego. We offer a stellar academic curriculum and a host of extracurricular options, and in every arena, our students receive the strong support of parents, teachers, and community members.

Our Vision:

Inspiring Hometown Pride, Instilling Excellence, Unlocking Pathways to Success

Our Mission:

Empowering every student every day to learn, lead and achieve by providing a connected, safe, and innovative experience.

Our Beliefs:

We act on our belief that all students can learn!

We accept learning as the fundamental principle of the school and examine all practices in light of their impact on learning.

We believe that all students belong to all of us.

We establish and maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.