Endowment Fund Teacher Grant Application

Grand Overview

  • Annually, in the fall, the endowment committee awards teacher grants up to $1,000.00 with the goal of notifying staff no later than November 1 of the grant recipients. We welcome teacher/grade collaboration! For the due date of application, please email us

  • Grants should focus on enhancing student achievement through programming that is not already funded by the Western Reserve School District. We greatly encourage incorporating fine arts and/or additional educational experiences, resources, or materials that are not currently available to students/classrooms.

Application Process

Please electronically submit the Teacher Grant Application form below. You will receive a confirmation that your application was received within 48 hours of the submission.

Due Date

  • Applications are due on or before the third Monday of October.

  • We will notify grant recipients by email. We will also include details on the reimbursement procedure for goods/service.